London’s Shoreditch is world’s most expensive tech district

ClubRooms in Shoreditch. Image: According to a survey by estate agent Knight Frank, Shoreditch is now the most expensive tech district in the world, with intense demand for office space pushing rents higher than those in Mid-Market, San Francisco, and almost double those in Brooklyn, New York. The 2018 Global Cities report, which…

New York goes photorealistic in Google Earth


Now isn’t that pretty? It’s how New York looks in Google Earth. Every building on Manhattan Island has now been meticulously mapped out and covered with photographic textures. It joins LA, San Francisco, and Berlin. When’s London due, eh?

Want to fly around the Big Apple yourself? Simply download Google Earth, fly to New York City, and turn on the 3D buildings layer. Then give it a minute to download the data, and Bob’s your uncle. You’ll need to buy him a Christmas present. Click over the jump for a ‘before’ picture of how the city looked in January last year.

Another iPhone lawsuit: Apple knowingly selling cracked handsets?


Every so often someone decides to file a lawsuit against Apple because — well, because it’s Apple, it seems.

While normal people buying products from other manufacturers — heck, even normal people buying Apple gear — would simply check out a piece of kit before buying it, or at least return it for a replacement if damaged, it seems this isn’t good enough for one New York resident.

We’ll leave aside the “defective 3G” and “not twice as fast” parts of this lawsuit (yes, it comes in multiple parts, folks) because we’ve already been there and got the T-shirt. Instead, let’s look at the accusation that Apple knowingly and wantonly shipped defective iPhones with hairline cracks in the casing…

STATTACK: You're twice as likely to get your phone nicked in London than in New York


If there was ever a reason to go to GameCityThree, rather than the London Games Festival, then this is it. Carphone Warehouse reckons that 25% of adults in London have had their phone nicked, compared to 15% in the rest of the country. 14% of British teenagers have had their phone stolen, compared to 9% of teens in the USA, and 7% of adults. In London in 2007, there were three robberies per 1000 people, whereas in New York, there were only 1.61…

GTA IV sightseeing – how close is Liberty City to the actual Big Apple?

Do you know GTA IV’s Liberty City inside-out yet? Have you at least memorised where your house is and where all the strip clubs are? Also, have you ever spent £1200 on flying to New York for a weekend, just so you can save about £25 on buying socks and pants really cheap in GAP on Fifth Avenue?

If you answered “SHIT YES!” to both of the above, you will like this very much – it’s some guy’s collection of photos of New York compared to screenshots of GTA IV’s NYC-inspired Liberty City. See what is real and what is fiction over on his Flickr page.


NYC and LC are “pretty close” it would appear, although the skyline’s seriously…