McIntosh Laboratory unveil 'cut price' version of iconic MT10 turntable

Hi-Fi Systems, Home audio

MT5+Front+Top.jpgOK it’s the price of a pretty decent second hand car and despite a resurgence there’s still not that much vinyl around these days. But then this turntable does look absolutely stunning – and so it should do for just under £7.5K. Handcrafted in a New York factory from McIntosh Laboratory it is actually a lower price version of the company’s flagship MT10.

First unveiled at CES2013, the MT5 is supplied factory-adjusted with tracking force, anti-skate force, cartridge overhang and arm height all preset for maximum performance. Following basic assembly, the MT5 is ready to play from the box. The MT5 comes complete with a high-performance, high-mass platter and motor drive assembly, precision tone arm, and a high-output Sumiko Blue Point 2 (BP2) moving coil cartridge, which is also compatible with moving magnet inputs.

But best of all for me is the glass fascia panel which is illuminated using custom- designed fibre optic light diffusers and extra-long-life LEDs. Is it too late to put in a request for one for Father’s Day?

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