Another iPhone lawsuit: Apple knowingly selling cracked handsets?


iphone_cracks.jpgEvery so often someone decides to file a lawsuit against Apple because — well, because it’s Apple, it seems.

While normal people buying products from other manufacturers — heck, even normal people buying Apple gear — would simply check out a piece of kit before buying it, or at least return it for a replacement if damaged, it seems this isn’t good enough for one New York resident.

We’ll leave aside the “defective 3G” and “not twice as fast” parts of this lawsuit (yes, it comes in multiple parts, folks) because we’ve already been there and got the T-shirt. Instead, let’s look at the accusation that Apple knowingly and wantonly shipped defective iPhones with hairline cracks in the casing.

Avi Koschitzki reckons that many of these cracks are visible on unopened, unused iPhones. Cracks in such gear are a problem — I’m not denying that bit — because they will allow moisture and crud into the device and may render it useless.

What’s ludicrous, as always, is that an individual decides that Apple needs to be taken to court over this. Why not try examining what you buy, getting a replacement (which you’re perfectly entitled to) if something is wrong, and then going and enjoying your life?

(Via Apple Insider)

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