Musebin looking to Twitter-ise the world of music reviews

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musebin-twitter-for-music.jpgNewly launched Musebin seems to fancy itself as a Twitter rival, targeting the music-blogging scene with its angle of one-line music reviews.

As well as the idea of a limited 140-word verbal workspace, Musebin rips-off another popular internet thing – voting. The community can give every post a Yay or Nay, ensuring that spam and nonsense is swiftly voted away. We’d imagine it’ll also help boost page impressions, while letting Musebin’s creators use words like “engaged” to describe its readers to possible future advertisers and writers on Wired.

You can currently have a go on the beta test of Musebin here, if you’re the sort of person who goes to gigs and listens to music other than music you already know you like from 1988.

(Via MyChemicalToilet)

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