Teen jailed after buying £484,000 of his own music from iTunes on stolen cards

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A UK teen has been jailed after it was found he had bought roughly £484,000 worth of his own music on iTunes and Amazon, using stolen credit cards.

That’d be a fair amount in royalties, and if timed right, a nice shot at the Christmas numer one slot too. Obviously those royalties had to be sent to someone with a bank account however, with fraudster Lamar Johson’s identity revealed sometime between January 2008 and June 2009, the time the majority of the transactions took place.

Lamar was part of a 12 member band, the rest of whom are to appear in court in January.

At first I thought this was quite a funny story in a “Robin Hood for the illegal MP3 download generation” sort of way. Then I read that Johnson was also already serving 5 years for grevious bodily harm, and came to the conclusion that he’s probably just a bit of a dick.

Via: Engadget

Gerald Lynch
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