Don't go to (click on) Hong Kong – one-in-five .hk domain names are scams

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mcafee-virusscan-plus-2007-hong-kong-domain0danger.jpgFear-spreader and paranoia-monger McAfee has raised panic levels of internet browsers to DEFCON 2 today, with its latest guidance on web sites that will do bad things to your computer when/if you visit them.

And it’s the Hong Kong domains – web sites ending in .hk – that are the biggest causers of trouble. Trouble like having pornography set as your home page, trouble like having something trying to make phone calls from your computer all day, and trouble like a folder full of adult movies suddenly appearing without warning on your hard drive.

The cheap availability of HK domains and the ease with which multiples can be registered is the reason Hong Kong has become such an internet no-go area, with McAfee reckoning that a staggering one-in-five of all sites ending in .hk present some sort of security risk.

Of course, the greatest security risk of all is stupid people randomly clicking on things. If everyone paid a bit more attention McAfee would be busted.

(Via The Times)

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