Games consoles bring down Chinese crimelord

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The gangster lifestyle makes for good videogame material (take your bow, Grand Theft Auto), but the criminal world and gaming dont appear to best friends when it comes to the real world.

Take the case of Rai Kinzan, the 37 year old leader of Chinese organised crime ring “Dragon”. His underworld circle had been collecting the credit card details of thousands of victims and siphoning off cash for their own nefarious needs, buying goods with the stolen cards and then selling them on again.

Sitting pretty on a pile of stolen money, Kinzan thought he’d treat himself for all his “hard work” by buying a pair of games consoles online with a stolen credit card.

Spending ¥39,000 (£300) on the machines, Kinzan came a cropper when the online seller noticed that the shipping address and card address did not match.

In Japan at the time, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department swooped in on the Dragon boss and arrested him, finding a horde of over 1,800 individual’s card details.

Game Over for Kinzan, who has denied any involvement in the fraud.

Via: Kotaku

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