iTunes 10 gets more social as Ping adds collaborative playlists

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iTunes has just got a little more social, as the built-in social network Ping has now added a collaborative playlist feature.

An arrow next to playlists in iTunes now offers the option to “Publish Playlist”, sharing the collected tracks with your Ping pals and allowing them to add songs to the list if they think your taste isn’t quite up to scratch.

Of course there are a few caveats to the system which still leave Spotify’s similar service one step ahead. Firstly, playlists are limited to 100 songs, so you can’t share a single mammoth 3-day party set. Secondly, any songs not owned by your pals will have to be bought for them to listen to, whereas Spotify offers a free streaming option.

It does allow playlists to be rated and reviewed though, which is a nice touch for the budding DJ looking to get an opinion on a mix of tracks.

Keep an eye out for the Shiny Media Crunk-Folk Master Mix hitting the Ping network soon then…

Gerald Lynch
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