Limewire fraudster arrested for massive online thievery


limewire.pngThat’s an official offence in the UK, y’know: ‘Massive Online Thievery’. Well, it should be. Usually it’s the sort of phrase used by the music industry to describe what happens on P2P file-sharing services like Limewire, but in this case, I’m talking about a bloke using Limewire to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from fellow users.

Gregory Thomas Kopiloff used various P2P apps, including Limewire, to search for sensitive documents on people’s hard drives, and then used them to apply for credit cards, buy stuff online, and then resell it on eBay. He’s now been arrested, and police expect the current tally of 83 victims to expand.

Anti-P2P campaigners will tell you this is what you get when you download music without paying for it. P2P users will see it as more a reminder that when using P2P apps, for heaven’s sake make sure you’re only sharing the folder your music’s stored in. And if you have to store your tax return on your PC, at least rename it ‘Kula Shaker Live’ so nobody downloads it…

(via PC Pro)

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  • Even the most staunch of Kula Shaker critics find little that is bad to say about their live performances. *sigh* I know you’re hardly the TLS, but you could at least research your references a little better. How embarrassing for you.

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