Palm Pre UK announcement next week

A briefing for the UK press has been arranged by Palm for next week – fuelling rumours that they will be announcing release details for the much anticipated Palm Pre smartphone.

The phone was released in the first week of June in the US but us poor old Brits have had to wait with baited breath for launch details. As of yet we’ve heard nothing.


But this could all be set to change on 7th July. Hopefully, Palm will not only provide a release date but they’ll also give us network and price information. Rumours have circulated that the Pre will be exclusive to O2, although Vodafone has also been touted as a possible carrier.

I’m going to stick my neck out and say it will be available on O2 with the same contracts available as with the iPhone 3GS. This is purely a guess though. Just a bit of fun. Don’t come complaining if I’m wrong.

(via T3)

eBay Nutcase of the Week: Jon Ward auctions date with himself for… £46

Spurred on by the sorry tale of that American slapper who auctioned her alleged virginity for several million dollars, long-term Potters Bar singleton Jon Ward decided to sell an all-expenses-paid night out with himself “in London” on eBay.

The listing’s ended, but you can read Jon’s excellent self-oriented sales speak here.


The result? A lady called “sexysarah2009” bought an evening with Jon…

BUT STILL THEY COME: Trials of ID cards starting next year at two UK airports


The government’s amazing idea of making us all pay loads of money for a laminated bit of plastic with our name on it continues to unfold, with officials announcing the date for a trial run of the national ID card system.

Around 200,000 staff at Manchester and London City airports and associated suppliers will be issued with the ever-so-slightly controversial cards from Autumn of 2009, according to the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, with the plan being to roll this out to all UK airport staff – and maybe even us lot – 18 months or so later…

CONFIRMED: T-Mobile launching the Android-powered T-Mobile G1 in the UK this November


Google, HTC and T-Mobile have all just pulled the covers off the T-Mobile G1 – the official name of the long-awaited “Google Phone.”

The handset features the “Android Market” – its equivalent to Apple’s App Store – and it does indeed use the Amazon MP3 shopping service as rumoured this very morning. As for release dates – the US gets it on October 22, the UK gets it in “early November,” while the rest of Europe must wait until early 2009…

Google says Android development is proceeding as was foreseen – 2008 release IS ON


It seems like – and actually was – just yesterday that the internet, even this bit of it, was thrown into chaos by a boring old business report suggesting that Google’s much-wanted Android mobile OS stood between ZERO and F-ALL chance of coming out in 2008.

Well. It is. It really is. Google itself issued a statement on the web-sweeping Android delay rumours last night, a statement we’re only too happy to copy & paste into this here web browser for your information.

“We are on schedule and we’re very excited to see the momentum continuing to build behind the Android platform among carriers, manufacturers, developers and consumers…

Wii Fit – out today. Will it, you know, actually sell?


With Mario Kart Wii currently hogging the #1 spot in the games charts, it’s time for Nintendo to once again reach out to “The Others” – those gamers who are more interested in “fun” than getting a 100% rating and all the gold bananas on level 128.

Wii Fit is, frankly, one of those games that us traditional gamers laugh at. Is it even a game? Can standing on a plastic pad doing yoga moves…

Xbox 360 Marketplace Video Store arriving in the UK on December 11

xbox-360-video-marketplace.jpgA year after Xbox 360’s movie download service launched in America it’s finally coming to the UK – the HD download service launches here next week.

For 250 points you’ll be able to download standard definition movies, or 380 points (£3.20) will get you a full HD version.

The initial UK movie launch line-up is a bit, shall we say, eclectic, with quality stuff like 300 mixing with ancient movies like Superman III, Swordfish (will be good to see Halle Berry’s…