eBay Nutcase of the Week: Jon Ward auctions date with himself for… £46

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Spurred on by the sorry tale of that American slapper who auctioned her alleged virginity for several million dollars, long-term Potters Bar singleton Jon Ward decided to sell an all-expenses-paid night out with himself “in London” on eBay.

The listing’s ended now, sadly, ladies, but you can read Jon’s excellent self-oriented sales speak here.


The result? A lady called “sexysarah2009” bought an evening with Jon for £46. Jon hasn’t had a date for eight or nine years, mind, so sexysarah2009 might have to do most of the work. And the talking. And the foreplay, if she wants any afters.

Jon had better take her somewhere cheap, otherwise he’ll lose out on the deal.

(Via The Welwyn & Hatfield Times)

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Gary Cutlack
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