eBay Nutcase of the Week: Keith Senior "heaps shame" on England by selling Rugby World Cup medal

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keith-senior-rugby-world-cup-medal-ebay-sale.JPGLeeds Rhinos player Keith Senior has decided he doesn’t want or need a memento of England’s abysmal performance in the recent Rugby League World Cup – so he’s stuck his appearance medal on eBay.

The medal is currently going for £600 on the auction portal, triggering TABLOID OUTRAGE from newspapers who think (or are at least pretending to think) Keith’s being a bit of a traitor by flogging off a piece of English sporting history.

Plenty of people are sticking up for him on the eBay listing, though, with Keith popping up in the Q&A section to thank people for their kindly support. “There is always some hate mail, story of my life!” is his most heart-warming response to the sudden uproar. Poor guy. He’s just not a sentimental person, OK?

(Via Yorkshire Post)

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Gary Cutlack
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