BUT STILL THEY COME: Trials of ID cards starting next year at two UK airports

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jacqui-smith-holding-id-card.jpgThe government’s amazing idea of making us all pay loads of money for a laminated bit of plastic with our name on it continues to unfold, with officials announcing the date for a trial run of the national ID card system.

Around 200,000 staff at Manchester and London City airports and associated suppliers will be issued with the ever-so-slightly controversial cards from Autumn of 2009, according to the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, with the plan being to roll this out to all UK airport staff – and maybe even us lot – 18 months or so later.

As a reward for being treated like untrustworthy human guinea pigs, the airport workers are expect to get their ID cards for free. Unlike the rest of us, who will be expected to pay upwards of £30 each for the privilege of having a rubbish photograph embedded on a bit of plastic.

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