Use your iPhone as a 3G modem… but maybe Stateside-only

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apple-iphone-in-hand.jpgIt’s functionality that’s already available for a range of popular phones, including the N95, the Skypephone S2, and the forthcoming INQ Facebook phone, but it’s something that a lot of iPhone users would kill for – the ability to use the iPhone as a 3G modem.

The iPhone’s carrier in the USA, AT&T, announced last night that it would release some software to enable this functionality on the device. There has previously been two options for using your iPhone as a 3G modem, but one was removed from the App store and the other only works on jailbroken iPhones.

It’ll almost certainly cost users more money, and the connection won’t be fast enough to do much more than load a few websites, but it’s a nice feature addition to the device, for US users. I wonder if O2 has anything similar in the works over here.

AT&T (via Technologizer)

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Duncan Geere
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  • I think you are right, Voip Hardware. It doesn’t have anything to do with Voip for cellphones.

  • Duncan,
    really you should get your facts sorted.

    The application for Tethering would be universal the release is a licensing thing.. AT&T forbids tethering at the minute and so thats why the app was pulled by apple even though other countries allow it or limit its use (including O2).

    But as; like many tech companies; apple only works on the us market – the app was pulled as its us carrier did not allow this feature.

    once AT&T allow it it (the tethering app) will be available on the apple store the app is probably not made by AT&T but once they allow the feature it will be unblocked.

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