Xbox 360 Marketplace Video Store arriving in the UK on December 11


xbox-360-video-marketplace.jpgA year after Xbox 360’s movie download service launched in America it’s finally coming to the UK – we’ll be able to buy and download HD movies through our consoles and TVs next week.

For 250 Generic Microsoft Money Equivalent Units you’ll be able to download standard definition movies, or 380 points (£3.20) will get you a full HD version dumped on your suddenly-quite-small hard drive.

The initial UK movie launch line-up is a bit, shall we say, eclectic, with quality stuff like 300 mixing with ancient movies like Superman III, Swordfish (has a couple of good points…), Three Kings and Ocean’s Eleven.

They’re clearly starting us off with a cheap selection to test the water here in the UK. The Americans can download Ocean’s Thirteen and Hostel II right now – and HD TV shows, remember – while we’re stuck with the likes of The Perfect Storm and Risky Business.

The Xbox 360 Video Store works on a rental basis, with downloaded films expiring after two weeks if you don’t watch them – or 24 hours once you’ve started to watch your purchase.


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