Samsung offering two-for-one cinema tickets for NV camera buyers

Samsung NV100HD.jpg

Although all bar one person missed out on being shot into space with a couple of Samsung NV cameras (something Gary was clearly not happy about when he reported it back in April), we can at least get a fairly decent deal on cinema outings for the next year courtesy of the company to put the first Korean digital camera in space.

Don’t rush out and buy a camera from the NV Series this week, though, as the offer runs from 13th October until 31st December 2008 only…

First simultaneous multiplatform film release – why did it take so long?


I’ve never fully understood the reasons that film studios always release movies to the cinemas first, then rental, then DVD, then finally video-on-demand services and TV. It baffles me why they’d want to make it harder for consumers to enjoy their products, especially now that digital distribution means that there’s no reason why film studios can’t just let people buy a film as soon as it’s ready.

Play your Xbox on a cinema screen


Yeah, so you’ve got a big screen at home. It’s nice. Is it 40″? 50″? Maybe you have a projector set up. I’m afraid to report that whatever you’ve got is now officially rubbish. How would you feel about playing your Xbox 360 on a screen that’s 50 feet wide…?