O2 announces 3D interactive cinema experience


O2 has announced that they’ll be screening the world’s first interactive 3D game across Britain this summer. Asteroid Storm will played by an estimated 1million people in 20 selected Vue cinemas.

The elements of the game are fairly simple both in terms of plot and interactivity. Players will become crew on the Starship O2 and they need to steer the ship back on course. This will be done by waving their arms in the air in accordance with instructions from the Captain. 3D obstacles will race towards them in an effort to put them off.

The interactive experience uses floor projectors and was dreamt up by ZenithOptimedia. Creative work was done by VCCP and Agency Republic. The game will be accompanied by the first ever 3D movie tralier reel, by advertising guru Pearl & Dean.

The experience will be supported by a huge online campaign as well as interactive games, such as Wac-a-roid, that will feature in the foyers of the selected Vue cinemas.

Asteroid Storm is released on 10th July and it sounds like some great family fun. And you know what they say – a family that plays together stays together. I’m all for it.

(via Marketing Magazine)

Turn your PC into a home cinema with a USB to HDMI dongle


Many laptops these days are starting to arrive with HDMI ports and Blu-ray drives, so you can use your new laptop to hook up your massive 40″ telly and enjoy HD content via your PC. Many people play PC games on massive monitors, too. But what do you do if you don’t have a graphics card with a HDMI output?

You buy one of these. Plug one end into a spare USB port and the other into your TV, and voila – a 720p, or 1280 x 720, display. It’ll take care of the sound too, via the HDMI cable. Best of all, you’re not limited to just one of these – you can plug in as many as you have USB ports. Fancy rocking seven in a row? 8960 x 720 resolution!

Lancerlink (via Akihabaranews)

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Odeon/UCI to expand digital and 3D cinemas across Europe


In case you hadn’t realised by now, analogue media is on its way out across the board, which is why Odeon and UCI Cinemas has announced that it plans to increase the number of DCI-compliant digital cinemas to 111 locations out of 200 across Europe.

As part of this upgrade, the number of 3D digital screens will be tripled, with a proud statistic that over 70% of Odeon/UCI cinemagoers will be within half-an-hour’s drive of a 3D screen. All digital cinemas will be kitted out with 2k digital projectors and servers…