Top Ten Must-See 3D films of 2010

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While all eyes are focussed on 3D TV this year, a fat lot of good they will be if all the 3D content that hits them is rubbish. In that sense, it’s an incredibly important year for 3D cinema, giving a good indication of what to expect to see when we unwrap our 3D TV sets this Christmas.

While last year’s Avatar paved the way for 3D films, validating the format as a whole with its record breaking box office receipts, what have we got to look forward to from this summer and winter’s 3D blockbusters?

How about wizards (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), zombies (Resident Evil – Afterlife) and talking toys (Toy Story 3) for starters?!

Click the image below for Tech Digest’s run down of the Top Ten Must-See 3D films of 2010

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