Imerge MS1 high-end media server – holds six terabytes of Spongebob episodes

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It’s high-end audio time now, with the announcement of the Imerge MS1 home server. It’s a media server which, when combined with a storage system like XiVA’s three and six terabyte disc arrays, will give you a very high-quality audio and video streaming solution over a network.

The server has some very impressive specs, including 1080p video playback over HDMI, an audiophile-grade audio board with Wolfson Delta-Sigma 24-bit DACs, a lovely flash GUI, and any kind of connectivity and configurability you’ll never need.

The storage solutions from XiVA comprise of eight disks, either 500GB or 1TB, in the RAID-6 configuration, which I just tried to understand with the help of Wikipedia, but utterly failed. Something about striping. Basically, they’re big and reliable. So big, in fact, that you can store 1700 hours (71 days!) of video.

So how much will it cost you? Well, the server and the storage come bundled together. A server with a three terabyte disc array costs £13,098, but doubling the storage only costs another grand – £14,096. If you’ve got that kind of money sloshing about, then why not plump for 6TB?

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