Philips Cinema 21:9 3D TV gets a release date

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philips-cinema-21-9-eds.jpgWhile half the world is still weighing up whether 3D TV is for them, let alone cinema-style superwidescreen, Philips jump right in and throws the two together in their Philips Cinema 21:9 3D TV.

FlatPanelsHD have got a tentative release window of sometime late this Summer for the superwidescreen 3D set. An official announcement is expected later on in the week.

Philips have a few other 3D screens in the pipeline too. There will be new 32′, 40′ and 46′ 9000 series models as well as 37′, 40′, 46′ and 53′ 8000 series LED 3D sets.

Philips aren’t planning on bundling their 3D tech together with the sets however. While this is good news for those who haven’t yet committed to making the jump to 3D, the price of separate glasses and wireless transmitters may push the cost up a little higher than expected for some.

While you’re waiting for the third dimension to hit Philips’ Cinema screens, why not check out Tech Digest’s review of the Philips Cinema 21:9 LCD superwidescreen set?

Via: FlatPanelsHD

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