First Korean astronaut proud to be endorsed by the Samsung NV series

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Yi-So-yeon-samsung-nv-cameras.jpgLucky old Yi So-yeon has just popped up into space today making her the first South Korean to hit escape velocity, courtesy of the latest Russian Soyuz mission to the International Space Station.

She’s been sponsored by the proud company of her homeland, with Samsung kitting her out with a couple of cameras for the journey. So she gets space AND free cameras. If she comes round here the lucky cow will be greeted by a stony, jealous silence from people NOT in space and having to PAY FOR our new cameras.

Yi So-yeon has two Samsung’s in her space rucksack – one of the NV digital snappers for gonzo shots of her astronaut friends guzzling droplets of water out of the air, plus she’s also been sent up with one of Samsung’s DSLRs for taking hi-res shots of sunsets and cloud formations.

A proud and tearful Samsung representative said “On a historic day when a Korean takes flight into space for the first time, our company is proud that our technology is providing the first Korean digital camera in space.”

(Via PR Wire)

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