Nine in ten UK homes now have digital TV


digital.jpgAccording to last week’s Ofcom report, nearly 90% of British homes now have access to some form of multichannel, digital TV on their main set.

As the digital switchover continues region by region over the next four years, and thanks to the fact that it’s fairly difficult to buy a TV that’s not digital ready now, be it standard definition or HD ready, it seems that most of us have got the message that it’s good to go digital.

Over 22m households have a digital TV as their main set, with Freeview being the real winner as people bought TVs with integrated digital terrestrial tuners, or bought set top boxes to convert their primary and secondary TVs. Four million Freeview devices were sold in the last quarter of 2007, up from 2.7m in the third.

Both Virgin Media and Sky also saw significant gains in new subscribers to their cable and satellite packages, and Graeme Packman, principal consultant at media research group Understanding & Solutions, said that this year’s anticipated launch of Freesat would also drive the transition to all-digital TV.

(Via The Guardian)

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