High definition disc format war to continue until at least 2011

Blu-ray, HD DVD

blurayhddvd.jpegThe format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray that some of us get so worked up about is set to continue until at least 2011, according to UK media analysts at Screen Digest.

In addition, they say that any movie studio who exclusively supports one or other format is simply hurting their bottom line. Having said that, it’s hard to see Sony pushing out HD DVDs any time soon, or those slipped a few (million) quid to freeze out one or t’other format becoming format neutral again.

Richard Cooper, Screen Digest Video Analyst, believes that this Christmas could be a crucial time for the two camps, though there’s so little equipment doing the rounds that the only ones getting burnt at present are the early adopters.

While both HD DVD and Blu-ray’s respective promotional groups continue to battle it out in a war of skewed statistics, it’s worth noting that other alternatives for delivering high definition content could also be well on the way to mainstream in the next five years.

Pump up the speed of broadband, and there’s the possibility of streaming high definition movies over the Internet, either for a limited rental period, or to store on PVRs with ever-increasing hard disc capacity.

The future may not be based on shiny discs anyway.

(Via Afterdawn)

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