Mobile dating to become $1bn global phenomenon

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mobile_phone_heart_love.jpgAccording to the latest study from Juniper Research, the mobile dating industry will reach a whopping $1bn in revenues by the year 2012, as some of the big online players such as expand into the mobile arena.

It’s Japan and India which have the most users at present, apparently, with India reaching 60 million users in the next five years.

The research suggests that the new mobile services will be complementary to the current online market rather than replacing them.

We’ve already seen plenty of mobile operators and dating services teaming up in the UK, including The Dating Channel and Gaydate TV, 3, Dating Direct and Vodafone, and

The report could be a bit worrying for any of these companies wanting to make cash from their love-starved members. In 2012 there’ll be 260 million users worldwide, which works out at each generating a paltry $3.85 of income.

Alternatively, ditch the prepaid dating services altogether and simply get hitched via Facebook.

(Via MocoNews)

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