Get set for 3G video dating with The Dating Channel and Gaydate TV

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dating.jpgMobile dating isn’t big yet, but it will be. And I don’t mean people ringing wrong numbers, getting chatting and ending up married either. Although that’s heartwarming, obviously.

No, digital TV channels The Dating Channel and Gaydate TV are launching a new 3G video-dating service. It involves calling the shortcode 80228, and recording a video profile of yourself (“Hi, I’m 27, like eating guinea pigs and daubing walls in my own bodily fluids, and fear chives. Looking for similar.”)

Other users can watch your profile, then dial in to leave you a video message if they want to make contact. “For dating, a picture does not say 1,000 words,” says Jeremy Flynn of mobile firm D2see, which is running the service for the channels. “A much fuller personal profile can be achieved using video.”

(via Mobile Entertainment)

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