LG finally cuts price of Super Blu dual format high definition disc player

Blu-ray, HD DVD


There’s been something of a price war between rival HD DVD and Blu-ray player manufacturers of late, but until now, dual format players haven’t followed suit.

LG has just announced that it’s to cut the US price of its “Super Blu” BH100 dual format (HD DVD/Blu-ray) player by $200, from $1,199 down to $999.

This may be in response to Samsung’s recent announcement of their BDP-UP5000 player, expected to retail for around $1,049.

It’s a start, but given the falling price of single-format standalone players, both LG and Samsung may need to do more to entice consumers to their multi-players.

Then again, consumers may want to pay a little more for the convenience of having just one player that plays both formats, rather than having to choose, or buying both a Blu-ray and an HD DVD player.


BH100 product page

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