Chinese gamer dies after mammoth three-day binge

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chinese-internet-cafe.jpgA man died over the weekend after clocking up an astonishing three consecutive days of gaming.

The Beijing News reported that local police ruled out suicide, saying that the poor bloke, who had made a permanent base in an internet cafe in the southern town of Guangzhou, apparently died of exhaustion. He was only 30 years old.

China’s been cracking down on internet gaming and web addiction in general recently, even going so far as to limit MMO use to protect its poor children from this evil Western menace.

Expect similar reports to come out of America next week, following the launch of Halo 3. Kids’ll be dropping like flies come the following Monday.

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One thought on “Chinese gamer dies after mammoth three-day binge

  • Chineese polis have to realize that it is the exhaustive & hopeless working conditions in Guangzhou (the most industrial area in China)for an average worker at 80-100-USD/MONTH of salary(Yes per month, not per week) which kills people. Games? What would you expect people to do after having so low salary and see ultra luxury cars and virtually everything in the streets & shops. Of course they will try to forget everything to freshen up for the next day of slaveness.
    Games are the most innocent tools to make someone happy and forget everything for a while.

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