Chinese kids relearning how to go outside and ride bikes in "internet addict camp"


china-web-cafe.jpgAn estimated 2.6 million Chinese under-18s are considered internet addicts, according to newspaper China Daily.

Web addiction has got so bad out there that a new summer camp for net-crazed youths between 14 and 22 is being trialed, with depression, non-interaction, panic and all your usual adult woes taken care of during the stay.

Worried by rising web-deaths and teen crimes, the Chinese government has also banned the building of new internet cafes, plus it’s reported to be planning a crackdown on violent games.

We spent a good ten minutes trying to come up with a clever headline based around the old ‘firewall of China’ joke, but came up with nothing. Must be the heat.

Via (The Herald Sun)

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