FarAwayFish.com: using the web to communicate with loved ones once you've gone


Though the Internet is near-ubiquitous and social networking is skyrocketing in popularity, there’ll inevitably come a point when every one of us can no longer update our status, post a tweet, upload a Flickr photo or write something pithy on our blog.

How would the friends and relatives you usually only see online know if you dropped off the end of the world? Sometimes, your friends and family will pay tribute to you online, but you can’t always rely on technophobe relatives to do that.

One solution, according to FarAwayFish.com, is to set up a special online profile that only gets unlocked and sent out once you die. Messages, photos, videos and audio can be recorded and stored for up to ten years after your death so that friends and relatives can log in and remember the happy times…

Man killed by exploding mobile phone


A man in his twenties in Guangzhou, China, has died after an exploding mobile phone severed an artery in his neck. He’d just replaced the battery after charging it. It’s unclear what make or model the phone was, or if it was a dodgy third-party battery, but police are investigating.

Amazingly, it’s the ninth recorded death by exploding phone in China since 2002. One man died when his battery overheated due to the heat of an iron mill he worked at and blew a hole in his chest. Since this incident however, newspapers have published advice on how to avoid mobile phone explosions that I think we can all take on board. Click through to see them over the jump.

YouTube Video of the Week: Die! Santa! Die!


We’ve all been there. It’s Christmas Eve, and you’ve managed to accidentally kill Santa. What on earth do you do with the body? With all the blood, vomit, axes and knives you’ll need over the festive season, this trailer (sadly not for a real film) puts the “ho ho ho” back in “homicide”.

Oh, and for added hilarity, run it through the Bennyhillifier.

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