Osama Bin Laden Pakistan compound now a playable Counter Strike level

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osama-compound.jpgDespite being available in various forms since 2004, Counter Strike: Source still attracts a hardcore group of twitch-happy FPS gamers looking to get their online counter-terrorism fix. The game also has one of the most busy modding communities out there thanks to the flexible Source SDK.

It was only a matter of time then before someone turned the recent assasination of Osama Bin Laden into into a Counter Strike: Source map.

The al-Qaeda leader’s Pakistani compound in Abbottabad was raided by a crack team of U.S Navy Seals on May 2nd, resulting in the terrorists death.

Now, using the detailed descriptions of Bin Laden’s hideout, you’ll be able to more-or-less re-create the raid through the game.

The mod is available now via user “Fletch” on GameBanna.com, and is a mere 1MB download.

Gerald Lynch
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