Could super-injunction laws take down Twitter?

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Twitter_is_Dead.jpgA whistleblower on Twitter over the weekend has put the worth of super-injunctions into question, after the micro-blogging platform was used to expose celebrities who had apparently put gagging orders on stories relating to their private lives.

The account, which made claims against Jemima Khan amongst other celebrities, had 25,000 followers last night, but this morning dropped down to just 1, suggesting Twitter have since closed the account.

Many have suggested that super-injunctions are all-but redundant while Twitter goes unpoliced, with the gagging orders currently holding no sway in the online sphere. However, with the precedent set by the Twitter Joke Trial, in which a user was taken to court for casually joking about an airport bomb, the legal establishment could come down hard on Twitter if they don’t soon start taking action against such accounts.

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