Cyber Funerals – broadcast your funeral across the world

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youtube-funeral.jpgIt can be a real pain co-ordinating a funeral. Family members living abroad can face the horrible decision of not having a chance to pay your respects or paying a fortune in last-minute plane tickets.

However, for an extra fee, one funeral home in South Carolina is offering “”Cyber Funerals” for loved ones. Whichever kind of memorial ceremony you choose will be broadcast over the net to anyone who can’t make it there in person, and you’ll be given a recording to place into your family archives.

This may also be useful for members of active internet communities or MMORPGs who die, allowing members of those communities to grieve along with real-world friends and family.

Stuhr’s Funeral Homes (via The Inquisitr)

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  • IFRC there was a similar thing a while ago about Southampton Crem in the UK doing it. Might have to go look and see.

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