New Apple MacBook Air, Mac App Store, OS X Lion and iLife 11 announced

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Apple head-honcho Steve Jobs took to the stage once again last night to reveal a whole host of new products heading out and into stores worldwide. Whilst the new MacBook Air model was expected, Jobs also dropped in a few…

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Ten great reasons to switch to OS X

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What? Hasn’t the OS X versus Windows debate died out yet?

‘fraid not, and it’s not likely to either.

So, without further ado, here are ten superb reasons why you should switch to Mac OS X.

1. Manage your windows better


No, not that Windows (though it’s worth noting that you can still run Windows applications on a Mac with the right bit of software).

One of the biggest headaches on any computer desktop is the number of application windows you have to manage all the time.

Sure, there’s a minimise feature and you can always close windows you no longer need, but Mac OS X has some very elegant ways of managing the clutter of multiple windows with just a few keystrokes.

There’s Expos√© which shows you all the windows you have open and lets you switch easily between them (you can even drag and drop items between windows this way) or alternatively clears everything out of the way so you can see the desktop behind.

Combine this with Spaces which lets you have multiple virtual desktops and you have a very slick window management system that makes it easier to accomplish tasks rather than wrestling with windows.

Sure, Windows can do some of this, but not as well…

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Chrome on Mac gets a step closer

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Google’s Chrome browser doesn’t have a massive marketshare, but those who use it love it very dearly thanks to its great UI and blazing speed. At the moment it’s Windows-only, however recent videos posted by Google indicate that a Mac client is making good progress.

Chromium is the open source project that’s behind the Chrome browser. The latest iteration of the source code for OS X is making good progress, as you can see in the video below:

Unlike the last video of the software in action, now you can actually click on the screen, load websites, and follow links. Crazy, eh? Who on earth would want to do that? It’s still crashing a lot, but at least Google’s getting closer to a working OS X port.

(via Ars Technica)

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BBC iPlayer programme downloads finally coming to Mac and Linux users via Adobe AIR

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Yes, that long-winded title pretty much sums up it up – Mac and Linux users who have been (im)patiently waiting for the BBC to develop software that will allow them to download programmes from iPlayer will soon see their wish come true.

The BBC has partnered with Adobe (makes a change from Microsoft) to launch an AIR version of the iPlayer software. As Adobe’s AIR platform is (allegedly) cross-platform, it should mean that any operating system capable of running it will be able to download content…

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Cram OS X on your netbook – compatibility chart

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Okay, hold up. You know that netbook of yours? With the tiny screen, and CD drive? What you wanna do with that, right, is put a banging donk on it. And once you’ve finished, you might think about installing OS X.

Rob Beschizza over at BoingBoing Gadgets has put together an awesome compatibility chart of which bits work with which netbooks on OS X.

Of course, it goes without saying that you’re going to need a dodgy copy of OS X, and you’ll need to be pretty comfortable with using the command line, too. The best little machines for the job? The Dell Mini 9 and the MSI Wind.

OS X Compatibility Chart

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Shock! Macs can get viruses too. Apple advises antivirus

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Hands up all you Mac owners who don’t run any antivirus software on your computer?

Thought so.

The message that’s been drip-fed to Mac users, and is now self-perpetuating, is that Windows PCs get viruses while Mac users don’t.

Leaving aside the self-righteousness issue, it’s fair to say that there are currently a lot less viruses for the Mac, partly because it hasn’t been such a big target (Windows variants take around 90% of the operating system market) and also because it is built on a more solid, but not invincible, framework…

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Apple exec unintentially leaks new OS X 'Snow Leopard' release date

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Apple hasn’t made a public statement to this effect yet, but it appears that the new version of OS X 10.6 – a.k.a. Snow Leopard – will be arriving early next year. During a presentation recently, Apple’s director of UNIX technologies, John Hubbard, revealed a slide with a list of OS X release dates, including 10.6 in “Q1 2009″.

Last June, Apple said that Snow Leopard would be arriving in ‘about a year’, so the timing makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get an announcement at Macworld in January about exactly when the new OS will arrive. In the meantime, unless you want to shell out for the new OS in 3 months time, don’t get a new Mac.

Apple (via Obsessable)

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Psystar antitrust claim dismissed by judge

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Mac cloning company Psystar has just had its antitrust case against Apple dismissed, meaning that its hopes of remaining in business are now miniscule. Psystar had argued that Apple was being anticompetitive to prevent other companies selling computers that run OS X.

Psystar claimed that Apple’s OS is so unique that it suffers no competitors, but the judge said that “the pleadings…fail to allege facts plausibly supporting (this) counterintuitive claim”. Psystar has 20 days to come up with a better argument, or its countersuit will be formally dismissed and they’ll be faced with Apple’s lawsuit claiming that it infringes on Apple’s copyright material and trademarks.

Psystar (via Cnet)

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Top 10 new Apple operating systems after OS X Snow Leopard

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After Apple yesterday confirmed the release of their new operating system, OS X Snow Leopard, it occurred to us at TD that pretty soon Steve Jobs is going to run out of big cats to name his products after.

He’s gone through Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger and Leopard already and, with only Lion left, he’s going to have to move on to some different animals and eventually some other ideas altogether. So, knowing the Apple Master like we do, this is the Tech Digest Top 10 of what Apple will call their OSs next:

1.)OS X Amoeba – retro version harking back to the original Mac OSs

2.)OS X Badger – constantly double-checking with users for every single operation…

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Apple pushes out third OS X Leopard update, and it's a whopper

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mac_os_x_leopard_box.jpgEight months or so after initial launch, Apple has released the third version of its Leopard operating system (OS X 10.5.3).

It’s a hefty download, and depending on what machine you have and how much needs to be updated, could require a 400MB file to be downloaded. Hope that broadband connection is fired up and ready to go…

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