Top 10 new Apple operating systems after OS X Snow Leopard

OS X Leopard, Top tens

os-x-george-clooney.jpgAfter Apple confirmed the release of their new operating system, OS X Snow Leopard, on Monday, it occurred to us at TD that pretty soon Steve Jobs is going to run out of big cats to name his products after.

He’s gone through Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger and Leopard already and, with only Lion left, he’s going to have to move on to some different animals and eventually some other ideas altogether. So, knowing the Apple Master like we do, this is the Tech Digest Top 10 of what Apple will call their operating system next:

1.) OS X Amoeba – retro version harking back to the original Mac OSs

2.) OS X Badger – constantly double-checking with users for every single operation

3.) OS X Meerkat – stripped down, sleek and nimble Linux-like version

4.) OS XXY Hermaphrodite – the one that costs twice as much with no improvements at all – go fuck yourself

5.) OS X George Clooney – heavy on design, best looking version; one for the ladies

6.) OS X Next Tuesday – future proofed

7.) OS X 101 – tutorial version for PC converts

8.) OS X 666 – evil version to scare Apple users into sticking with Jobs Inc., as coded by Steve Ballmer

9.) OS XXX – kinky themed appearance, comes with free gimp mask, chains, naked Jobs centre-fold and £10 off your next visit to Spearmint Rhino – packaging can be melted onto the nipples

10.) OS X Steve Jobs – We were going to say OS X God as the pinnacle but, lets face it, the man’s not exactly steeped in modesty

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    • Oooo, good one. Nicely put too. I was wondering if they could get Lynx in there too but perhaps it sounds a bit Atari, or deodorant.

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