No over-the-air music downloads for iPhone 3G… yet


3g-iphone-flip.jpgHopes of 3G music downloads on the iPhone 3G have been dashed, as it has been confirmed that music from the iTunes Store can only be loaded onto the iPhone via Wi-Fi, or sideloaded from a PC.

Apple is believed to have been talking with the major music labels, trying to establish a deal to allow 3G music downloads, but so far those talks have been unfruitful. Apparently, music labels have argued that over-the-air music track downloads should command a higher price than those downloaded from the web.

Personally, I’m not too bothered about being able to purchase music when only a 3G connection is available, but I suppose it depends how you like to consume your mobile music.

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One thought on “No over-the-air music downloads for iPhone 3G… yet

  • Asking customers to paying more for an OTA download is illogical as well as greedy. Forgetting people who steal music for the minute, it’s exactly the type of thing that that keeps lots of people buying CDs rather than paying for an album on itunes. Why spend 7.99 on a virtual album when you can have the CD too for the same money. Sure there are times when convenience comes into play, and a download is preferrable, but at these times the last thing a consumer wants is a cost differential to put them off the impulse buy.

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