Ten great reasons to switch to OS X

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What? Hasn’t the OS X versus Windows debate died out yet?

‘fraid not, and it’s not likely to either.

So, without further ado, here are ten superb reasons why you should switch to Mac OS X.

1. Manage your windows better


No, not that Windows (though it’s worth noting that you can still run Windows applications on a Mac with the right bit of software).

One of the biggest headaches on any computer desktop is the number of application windows you have to manage all the time.

Sure, there’s a minimise feature and you can always close windows you no longer need, but Mac OS X has some very elegant ways of managing the clutter of multiple windows with just a few keystrokes.

There’s Exposé which shows you all the windows you have open and lets you switch easily between them (you can even drag and drop items between windows this way) or alternatively clears everything out of the way so you can see the desktop behind.

Combine this with Spaces which lets you have multiple virtual desktops and you have a very slick window management system that makes it easier to accomplish tasks rather than wrestling with windows.

Sure, Windows can do some of this, but not as well.

2. Become a better blogger


Every time I’ve tried to blog from a Windows PC I’ve ended up tearing my hair out. Granted, I probably didn’t have the best software installed for the task, but I’m putting it down as fact that Mac OS X makes you a better blogger.

However you choose to write your copy — plain text editor, blog’s own editor or a standalone piece of software like Ecto — it just seems to get done more quickly on a Mac.

The same goes for image editing, video editing, podcasting, and more.

If you want to be a better blogger, switch to OS X.

3. Become a recording star with Garageband


As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing on the PC that comes close to Garageband for ease of use and creative possibilities for the same price.

If you’ve got the money to splash out on Pro Tools or Cubase, good for you (though they’re still better on the Mac).

If not, look up Garageband. The latest version includes a whole host of features including multi-track recording, virtual jamming sessions, music notation, multi-take recordings and tutorials.

4. Make your work colleagues envious with Keynote


There’s no comparison between the presentations PowerPoint produces and those of Keynote.

Keynote presentations feature slicker transitions, better graphics, and are easier to set up.

Even those boring sales figures look better in Keynote.

5. Backup without the hassle


It’s a well-known fact that people forget to back up their computer on a regular basis. Either it takes too long to set up, or the backup software is expensive, or it just gets overlooked.

Time Machine is built in to OS X so all you have to do is add an external hard drive to start backing up your Mac. It even lets you know if you forget to turn the drive on.

6. Amazing desktop zooming


Mac OS X has a brilliantly simple built-in accessibility system that includes screen zoom. It’s amazing how useful this feature is even if you don’t have a visual impairment.

When switched on, you simply press a couple of buttons to magnify the entire screen, which can then be scrolled around using the mouse pointer.

7. Reduce virus headaches


Yes, I know that it’s possible for viruses and malware to attack the Mac, but in reality OS X does a very good job of protecting the end user. That’s just how it is.

There are no absolute guarantees that OS X will always be this safe, but for the moment it’s so much nicer to feel as protected from crap as possible, rather than daily running the minefield on Windows.

8. Minimise admin


Life on OS X just seems simpler. Yes, you can delve into the command line via Terminal if you really want to, but for most everyday tasks the amount of administration you have to do is minimal.

Software Update automatically handle… well, software updates — and unlike Vista, OS X doesn’t try to restart your machine at really inappropriate moments to install a new patch.

OS X is no less powerful in what it can do, but it’s generally a lot less hassle to maintain.

9. Become an iPhone developer


Have you ever wanted to develop applications for Apple’s hallowed mobile phone?

If so, you’re going to have to get used to OS X because that’s the only way to run the Software Development Kit.

You too could discover the biggest app since “iFart”, but only if you switch to OS X.

10. Develop an unhealthy obsession with one company and its leader


I don’t think any company or organisation has fans like Apple fans — not in the technology world at least.

Switch to OS X and you won’t be able to help yourself. You’ll listen to every rumour about Apple and Steve Jobs to the point where it’s unhealthy.

It is possible to avoid this, and it’s possible to wean yourself off it, but it’s very difficult.

Microsoft and Steve Ballmer just can’t compete here.

So there you have it. What more reason do you need to switch to OS X? None, I’d say, but I’m sure at least one of you thinks different, so do share in the comments.

Andy Merrett
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