GODLIKE GENIUS: CD-Rs that look like floppies

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Yesterday, we had floppy disk posters, before Christmas we had floppy disk gift tags, today we’ve got floppy disk CD-Rs. Evidently the humble 3.5″ floppy, subject of much mockery in the school playground, is now the coolest kid on the block.

Sure, they only hold 200MB of data (though that’s 13789% more than the originals) and they’re a little on the expensive side – at $10 (£7) a CD, but you can’t put a price on retro-cool, right? Right? What do you mean “28p and a blackjack”?

Designboom (via Technabob)

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11 million Blu-ray discs sold in two years as popularity increases

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In the two years since the Blu-ray high definition disc format launched, it has sold over 11 million film discs, according to recent research from the Redhill Group.

That’s still a minuscule proportion of total DVD sales for the same period, but the figures numbers suggest that the format is gaining in popularity as more new and catalogue titles make their way to the Blu side…

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Live-chatting whilst watching Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix? A reality, with HD DVD

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Woohoo, HD DVD slides a victory over Blu-ray! Ok, it involves Harry Potter, so perhaps isn’t *much* of a victory, but nonetheless! A victory! Break open the cava!

Apparently the forthcoming HD DVD Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix disc will give watchers Live…

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European Blu-ray Association claims they've sold one million discs, owns 73% of HD market

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bluraylogo-1.jpgThe Sony PR machine is in overdrive at the moment, with them churning out more facts and figures about Blu-ray sales, than playable games on their PS3 console.

The Blu-ray Disc Association in Europe has let information leak about the one million Blu-ray movie discs they’ve sold, which according to them is 73% of all HD films sold. Bad news for HD DVD, if those figures are accurate. Of course, it was only last week we heard from the HD DVD camp that HD DVD player owners…

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