I take back those insults aimed at Universal yesterday, Heroes season 1 & 2 Blu-ray announced


Need another reason to justify that expensive Blu-ray player? Universal, who I reported yesterday had announced this year’s Blu-ray releases, will be launching both the first and second series of Heroes on August 26th.

Last year the first season was on HD DVD which obsessives such as myself had to import from the US in order to watch, but up until now, there hadn’t been any announcement regarding the second series, or the move to Blu-ray for both of them. The August launch date will be global supposedly,…

Universal makes HD DVD fanboys' blood boil with upcoming Blu-ray releases


Those traitors over at Universal have finally picked their dignity up off the floor and announced their first releases for the Blu-ray format, after deciding mid-February to change exclusivity from the defunct HD DVD to Blu-ray.

The first film to receive the Blu-ray treatment in July is ‘Doomsday’, followed by ‘The Incredible Hulk’, ‘Wanted’, ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’,…

MySpace Music finally announced, with Universal, Sony BMG and Warner all signed up


I was going to write this afternoon about the rumours regarding MySpace Music coming through the wires getting hotter and faster, but before I had a chance, they only went and issued a formal press release about it!

As expected, they’ve entered a partnership with Universal Music Group, Sony BMG and Warner Music Group, which will offer music services on MySpace, a site that’s been known as a music community ever since all the sensible people fled to Facebook in 2007. Enhancing the MySpace Music platform already in place, they’ll offer DRM-free digital downloads, ad-supported audio and video streaming, a mobile store plus plenty of other knick knacks…

EMI joins Universal in promising tracks for Nokia's 'Comes with Music' service


A loose-lipped EMI representative revealed yesterday that they were in talks with Nokia about collaborating on their upcoming ‘Comes with Music’ plan, where handsets will be bundled with an unlimited music download plan.

If EMI signs on the bottom line, they’ll be joining Universal, who announced in December last year they would allow their artists’ tracks to be sold. EMI seems fairly confident they’ll be joining Nokia…

Opinion: Free music file sharing was never going to hit the right notes with record firms

Jon_smal.gifJonathan Weinberg writes… You don’t get anything in life for free. So the saying goes.

And so, I’m not surprised that a website which promised us the world’s first legal file-sharing service has had to backtrack on the plans after the record companies said they were not yet supporting it.

Qtrax made a big song and dance about their launch over in Cannes with stars including James Blunt there. They secured quite a bit of coverage in all the national newspapers too in Britain.

But maybe it would have made sense to secure the record firms first, after all, as the gatekeepers of the industry, they are pretty important don’t you think? It’s like saying you’ve got a No1 song, without actually having the lyrics written or the musical score penned…

Forget the CD single, start buying the CD ringle, says Sony

CD singles. Has anyone actually bought one since 1997 when Steps’ ‘5,6,7,8’ was released?! Seems the music industry shares similar thoughts on CD singles, as they’ve suddenly come up with a no-brainer – CD single ringtones, dubbed ‘ringles’. Errr…

Those clever chaps at Sony BMG Music Entertainment, obviously desperate for The Next Big Thing, invented the idea, and Universal Music Ground are the first out of the pen in delivering the goods…