Dell WANTS IN on the MP3 player and music retailing scene?


Box-shifter par excellence Dell is planning to enter the MP3 player market, according to a bit of sniffing around from the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ reckons that Dell wants a bit of the lucrative music retailing pie as well, so is planning to launch what industry experts will be calling an “iTunes killer” alongside its alleged range of players…

UK supermarket giant Tesco announces Tesco Digital download store


When throwing a bag of carrots and some paper towels into you virtual shopping trolley at Tesco, you’ll also be able to chuck in a few MP3s from the likes of Kylie, Rihanna, and Pete. Doherty, that is, although I wouldn’t place him on top of the bananas in your trolley, you don’t want them to go off too quickly.

Launching in May, Tesco Digital will be selling music downloads, with TV, films and games offered in the near future. The albums and singles will be available…

Xbox 360 Marketplace Video Store arriving in the UK on December 11

xbox-360-video-marketplace.jpgA year after Xbox 360’s movie download service launched in America it’s finally coming to the UK – the HD download service launches here next week.

For 250 points you’ll be able to download standard definition movies, or 380 points (£3.20) will get you a full HD version.

The initial UK movie launch line-up is a bit, shall we say, eclectic, with quality stuff like 300 mixing with ancient movies like Superman III, Swordfish (will be good to see Halle Berry’s…

Amazon launches AmazonMP3 music downloads store… at last!


Phew. After several months worth of speculation, Amazon has finally cut the ribbon (or whatever the online equivalent is) on its music downloads store. It’s called AmazonMP3, it’s US-only for the moment, and it’s offering over two million DRM-free MP3 files for 89 or 99 cents apiece, with albums priced between $5.99 and $9.99.

Amazon has signed up two major labels for the store – EMI and Universal Music Group – plus thousands of indie labels. The songs are 256Kbps files, and will work on iPods, Zunes, mobile phones, PSPs and any other device you care to name.