joins 7digital in the DRM-free corner

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Share has just become the second digital music retailer to join the DRM-free parade. The site, which previously sold CDs, DVDs and games, has added MP3s from Sony Music, Warner, and Universal. They join DRM-free tracks from EMI and a bunch of indie labels that were already on the site.

Although Play aren’t the first to go DRM-free, they’re flogging the MP3s at a lowpoint of 65p per track – 14p cheaper than both iTunes and 7Digital. Of course, that’s also 65p more expensive than “free”, which is undoubtedly the site’s main competitor. PlayDigital head Wendy Snowdown doesn’t realise this latter fact, however:

“It’s great for us to get this service live before Amazon, HMV and Tesco and it’s showing in the sales results.”

PlayDigital (via T3)

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