Spotify offers one click music buying from 7Digital

Spotify has improved the way its users buy music online. Up until now, users have had to use the "Buy From" feature to download individual tracks from its digital download partner 7Digital.

This meant completing a number of steps before being directed to an external website. But now Spotify users can choose to buy from a library of 8 million tracks without having to leave Spotify.

Rather than having to right-click on a track/album to discover if the music is available to buy they can now see exactly what music is available, with 'buy' buttons now visible either underneath the album cover or next to a particular track.

7Digital brings MP3 downloads to BlackBerry App World


RIM continues on its mission to get down and funky with the consumers by offering some music for people to listen to on their QWERTYful phones. The tunes come courtesy of UK company 7Digital and their catalogue of 6 million tracks which will be available from 79p each on over-the-air download straight to your mobile.

Albums will cost you £7.99 but the frightening words spoken are that “most” of the tracks will be DRM free. Most? Most? When did 7Digital get into the DRM game and why?

The access will be as a downloadable app from the BlackBerry App World after which you’ll be able to browse 7Dig’s library provided you live in the UK, US, Canada, France, Italy, Germany or Spain.

For a closer inspection of App World, take a look at our app store comparison

BlackBerry App World | 7Digital

Spotify and 7Digital buddy up


Digital music upstart-of-the-moment Spotify has added yet another revenue stream to its growing collection – users are now able to right-click tracks to buy them via 7Digital.

Currently, the click just takes you to the relevant 7Digital page for the album. In the future, however, the companies hope to allow one-click downloads in Spotify itself, as well as functionality to buy entire playlists.

This move should further silence the doubters who claim that Spotify has no business model. On the contrary, this is now a third solid way of monetising their business, after ads and premium subscriptions. I do doubt a little how much people will use the functionality, though.

BT Digital Music Awards – nominations announced


It’s that time of the year again – the BT Digital Music Awards. These are awards which are given to bands, artists, labels, shops, and other digital music services which really use the web to its greatest advantage. Although there’s quite a lot of “which band has the prettiest website” rubbish in the awards, there’s also categories like “Best Digital Service”, “Best Music Shop” and “Best Music Hardware”….

7digital sign up Sony and go 100% DRM-free in their digital music store


This morning, in a loft in Shoreditch, 7Digital announced that their digital music catalogue is to become 100% free of DRM. The last holdout among the major labels – SonyBMG – has bowed to consumer demand and agreed to sell its catalogue of 250,000 tracks in MP3 format, as opposed to the restricted WMA format. Even better, all SonyBMG tracks that customers have previously bought will be upgraded to MP3s at no cost. All MP3s are at 320kbps quality…