7digital sales through the roof as more deals look to come in

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7digital.jpgDRM-free music download service 7digital is experiencing something of a boom with their profits up 300% so far in 2008 – the lucky buggers.

Since signing their last major record label in the shape of Warner Music, back in March, they’ve become the UK’s second biggest online music store, after Jobs & sons of course, with the dubious bonus accolade of being the No.1 seller of the latest Coldplay album, Viva la Vida , in MP3 format. Apple don’t lower themselves to the files types of mere mortals.

“It is now clear that MP3 downloads represent the future for digital music,” said CEO of 7digital.com, Ben Drury. “With two of the four major labels now supporting MP3 in the UK, we expect to see the whole market supporting MP3 in the not-too-distant future.”

The whole market, eh Ben? Intriguing use of words seeing as there’s grape vine action, via the trusted ones at Trusted Reviews, saying that 7digital will be tying up DRM-free deals with the two remaining majors, Sony BMG and Universal, in the not too distant future.

With the Big Four on board, 7digital would really begin to look like the kind of players to put up a decent fight against the big boys. Good for them. If it can’t be free, music may as well be DRM-free at the least.

7digital (via Trusted Reviews)

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One thought on “7digital sales through the roof as more deals look to come in

  • The future of music downloads? MP3? Whatever next? Duping the general public into buying VCDs instead of DVDs/Blu-ray discs like a Thai bootlegger?

    This should also great news for iTunes buyers as the decision to supply DRM-free music via select services in the EU must surely contravene EU Anti-competition laws specifically around market sharing. They may have got away with it in the US but the EU is hot on this stuff. With any luck this should mean the tracks get added to the DRM-free iTunes Plus (though most of my favourites are already on there) so we can get it in this decade’s music format (AAC) which plays on most modern devices anyway.


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