Amazon launches brilliant "WindowShop" website


The value of a great interface is underrated. Many online shops look more like a spreadsheet than a pleasurable retail experience (I’m looking at you, iTunes). That’s why I’m really excited by a new front-end Amazon has created for their site, called WindowShop.

You can see it above – it’s a massive fullscreen grid of recommended products, which you can navigate by keyboard or mouse (though keyboard works better, I found). It’s perfect for touchscreen PCs and living room PCs attached to big televisions. Clicking onto each product will launch a preview – a trailer for a movie, or a song sample for a band.

It would be nice to explore more of the site this way, rather than just Amazon’s recommendations and the top sellers, but adding content in a high-enough resolution for the entire catalogue would be crazy-difficult. Also, it does rather negate the idea of a window display if you can see the entire store through the window…

Like it? Hate it? Share your opinion in the comments.

Amazon WindowShop (via TechCrunch)

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Duncan Geere
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