Harrier Jump Jet for sale now, no tyre kickers



That was the sound of a Harrier GR7 taking off, if you weren’t aware. You could be hearing that sound with your very own ears, if you fancy bidding for one of the iconic planes. Well, actually, it doesn’t come with an engine, so you’ll still need to be making the ‘neeeaoww’ noise yourself.

The plane’s being auctioned off after being retired from RAF Cosford, where it was used as a training plane for mechanics. It’s a two-seater, has leather seats and electric windows, and a top speed of 730mph.

If you want it, you’ll need to get in touch with the Disposal Services Authority, who normally seem to just offer old camo jackets to the public. If you’re more of a chopper chap, then there’s a Lynx Mk 7 here, and if you like wheels, then there’s a Saxon APC, too.

iPhone prototypes now available on eBay


Want to get your hands on a piece of tech history? Of course you do. Someone’s managed to get hold of a couple of iPhone prototypes and has chucked it on eBay, because that’s what people who get rare bits of tech do.

Phone #1 powers on, and displays an odd interface. There’s a plastic matte screen. It can make calls, and surf the net. It won’t send texts, though.The second model won’t turn on at all, but has a glass screen.

The bidding, at the time of writing, has reached $940, but the seller will ship worldwide, so don’t be put off by those dollar signs. There’s a day to go, so the bidding will almost certainly escalate quite a bit as the auction nears its end. How much do you really want a couple of barely-working iPhones?

(via iLounge)

Bargain of the Week: Decent discounts off Sennheiser headphones


Welcome to Bargain of the Week, where I’ll take a look around the web for the best tech/gadget bargain I can find, and report back to you.

This week, you can grab a 20% discount on any pair of Sennheiser headphones when you buy an MP3 player from Advanced MP3 Players.

Simply enter the code listenlive at the checkout (and buy both items together in the same transaction) for the saving…

URGENT BARGAIN NEWS: Get a Nintendo DS Lite for £75 today if you ACT NOW


In a clever piece of pre-Christmas sales marketing, online tech-flogger Buyitplayit is knocking out Nintendo’s DS for only £75 – £24.99 less than your standard devastated wasteland high street retail price.

There are two catches – it’s only selling the frankly hideous turquoise and pink versions of the DS Lite so it’s only of use as a Christmas gift to any children you know under the age of eight or ironic media employees, plus the site is only selling 50 at the lower price…

Dan would like his girlfriend to know that Zavvi is knocking out Xbox 360s for £99


That’s a saving of £30 over the newer, cheaper RRP of £129 that only took effect in September, a saving which Dan’s girlfriend could then put toward buying Dan a copy of GTA IV to go with it. Dan’s girlfriend would then be left in peace to watch EastEnders while Dan spends hours creating a Dan-like Avatar on Christmas Day.

The Zavvi Xbox 360 madness sale has also seen the price of the regular machine with its 60GB hard drive slashed from £169 to £149, with the price of the Elite CRASHING by…

End of an era: grab a tech bargain at Woolworths this weekend


Even if you’ve been trying to ignore the bleak economic news of recent months, instead choosing to count the £10.54 worth of pennies you have hidden in a large jar under your bed, you’ll likely be aware that retail institution Woolworths is about to die.

To go out with a bang, the administrator has announced that Woolworths will begin an up-to-50% sale this weekend in all its UK stores.

The biggest discounts will be on toys and greetings cards, but apparently entertainment goods will also be discounted, so perhaps Woolies is the place to go if you’ve got any cash and want to buy a cheaper telly or games console…

Unsentimental Alton Towers coldly flogs off chunks of its Corkscrew rollercoaster on eBay


A reader who calls himself “Stretchy” has just alerted us to this awesome bit of history-making eBay activity – Alton Towers is flogging off the front car of its long-running Corkscrew rollercoaster.

The description over at Alton Towers’ site says you’re getting “The most unique Christmas present EVER!” if, by some incredible longshot, you happen to have a friend or family member who’s just asked for a bit of a closed rollercoaster as one of their Christmas presents this year…

eBay Nutcase of the Week: Aerocar N103D "flying car" up for spares or repair


This innocent-looking little bubble car is, so the auction says, the first and only officially certified and legally usable flying car in the world.

The wings don’t fold out – they come in a separate trailer and need attaching, a process which apparently takes “five minutes”. Once you’re up, you can can soar above (and trying not to think about crashing into) the traffic below at a thrilling airspeed of 100mph…

Sony UK sort of cuts price of PlayStation3 – starts offering £40 discount on 40GB model


If you really, really must have a PlayStation3 right now, you might want to buy yourself one via Sony’s online shop SonyStyle.co.uk – as it’s currently offering a £40 discount on its cheapest model.

The deal takes the RRP of the Blu-ray-playing “entry level” 40GB machine down to an almost reasonable £249 including free delivery, with a nearly tempting…