Unsentimental Alton Towers coldly flogs off chunks of its Corkscrew rollercoaster on eBay

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alton-towers-corkscrew-rollercoaster-ebay.JPGA reader who calls himself “Stretchy” has just alerted us to this awesome bit of history-making eBay activity – Alton Towers is flogging off the front car of its long-running Corkscrew rollercoaster.

The description over at Alton Towers’ site says you’re getting “The most unique Christmas present EVER!” if, by some incredible longshot, you happen to have a friend or family member who’s just asked for a bit of a closed rollercoaster as one of their Christmas presents this year.

Delivery’s included in the price (currently a reasonable-sounding £1750, although, having never purchased a rollercoaster car before, that might be a rip-off) although you’ll have to spend the same again on wrapping paper if you’re planning on giving it to someone as a present.

All of the money raised from the sale is going to charity, mind, so you’re not allowed to be mean about it. Don’t even raise a cynical eyebrow.

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Gary Cutlack
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