Microsoft launches 'Time for a Story' – bedtime stories via Windows Live Messenger

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mummy-on-msn.jpgThere are many families who have to cope with the pain of separation – if Daddy has to fly away on business trips a lot, for example. Well, now Daddy (or Mummy, we’re a politically correct organisation here) can read a bedtime story to his (or her) little sprog over Windows Live Messenger, wherever they are.

The website – – is currently populated with three Noddy stories. ‘Rocket Ship’, ‘Rainbow Chaser’, and the intriguingly titled ‘Bounce Alert!’ The stories are interactive – as Mummy or Daddy reads, their kid can click on images to trigger animations.

All you need to get it going is a PC, a copy of Windows Live Messenger on each PC, a microphone and a webcam. Modern laptops generally have all those things inbuilt. So if you’re in Japan, thousands of miles away from your poor son or daughter, and it’s their bedtime, then stop reading Tech Digest and go read them a bedtime story.

Time for a Story

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