Prototype Macbook Air from mid-2007 surfaces on eBay

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macbook-air-black.jpgI can’t make up my mind whether Macrumours forum member Brett33 is lucky or not. He bought an ‘as is’ Macbook Air off eBay, and it showed up with a black aluminium base and no ‘Macbook Air’ written on the bezel of the display. On further investigation, Brett discovered that it was a very early prototype of the device, built in May 2007.

The laptop was running a build of OS X 10.5, and the device was produced six months before it was announced to the public. It’s rather unusual to see one of these prototypes in the wild, given how secretive Apple is as a company. If I were Brett, I’d stick it straight back on eBay at double the price.

Forum thread (via Macrumours)

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