Ant and Dec partner with Nintendo

As if we don't see them enough on our screens Ant and Dec have announced they are to front Nintendo's biggest ever TV ad campaign in the run up to Christmas (I think that's Ant doing his best aeroplane impression, but it could be the other one).

The pair will first hit our screens on October 16th where they'll be meeting and challenging Nintendo fans and families from across the UK. Yes, the great British public will be given the opportunity to star alongside Ant and Dec, as the real stars of the ads, following a national recruitment campaign looking for genuine fans of Nintendo titles. Self confessed fans of Guitar Hero and their DS's, Ant and Dec are no strangers to the world of gaming and admit to recently becoming obsessed with the Nintendo DS game Rhythm Paradise which they played throughout filming Britain's Got Talent.

Says Ant: "I have always been a massive fan of Nintendo consoles. I loved my Nintendo 64 growing up. Mario Kart 64 was my favourite, it kept Dec and I entertained for hours during the PJ and Duncan years! Even today when I play Mario Kart on my Wii, I have a lucky steering wheel at home that's only mine to use!!"

Wii Saber Blasters for Nintendo Star Wars action


There must be someone out there who’s so Wii-nuts that they buy all of these Nintendo controller accessories. So, for you sir/madam, here’s another one to chuck in your cupboard after a few months. Meet the Wii Saber Blaster from CTA Digital. The same people who brought us the WiSkab et al the other day.

They’re out from 29th May and they come as a pair just in time for Star Wars the Clone Wars: Light saber Duels and Star Wars the Force Unleashed. Each blade has a proper mirroring system in the hilt so that the IR signals from the WiiMotes can travel without a problem such that you don’t have to remove them each time you need to navigate the menus.

Three AA batteries in each will ensure that the sabers light up and then you can swish away to your heart’s content taking your TV screen, lightbulbs and each priceless piece of china with you. Contents insurance not included.

UPDATED: Nintendo Wii Sports Resort to launch in June


Nintendo will release the next edition of their popular Sports package in June this year to catch up with other console sales.

Wii Sports Resort will feature up to 10 games and include jet skiing, throwing a frisbee to a dog (probably better than it sounds) and a sword fighting game based on kendo, as pictured.

The package will be used to increase sales of the Wii which was over taken in March in Japan by the PS3 for the first time in 16 months. The family console still rules the roost worldwide but it’s hoped that the addition of this truly Wii-unique offering will win back Nintendo’s crown in the mother country.

Wii Sports Resort will work with the Wii MotionPlus new and improved controller and will allow gamers to control on-screen action with a virtual remote control as well as a host of other nuances.

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Japanese Olympic medallist used Nintendo's Wii to get himself used to the stadium


This is a gift. A gift to Nintendo from Japanese swimmer Kosuke Kitajima. He won the Olympic gold medal in the 100m breaststroke, and, Nintendo and SEGA’s PR people will be pleased to hear, name checks Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games as his motivation.

Well, kind of. He mentioned it. He said he used it to help him have a look around the swimming venue. Here’s exactly what he said…