Nintendo 3DS release date date gets dated…

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Sorry if the headline was a little confusing, but we couldn’t resist. You see, as the wheels of the Nintendo PR machine begin to spin into overdrive over their hotly anticipated 3DS handheld device, they’ve just issued a statement revealing the date on which they will reveal the release date of the console itself.

According to Nintendo’s Yasushi Minagawa, that date will be the 29th of September, and with it will also come the price of the console itself. Pencilled in for release before the end of this financial year, that release date in theory could be any time between now and next March.

As our video above shows, we’re very excited by the Nintendo 3DS, with its glasses-free 3D visuals, as is pretty much everyone else who has tried one out. Which must come as music to Nintendo’s ears, as they today also announced massive losses over the financial quarter between April and June of this year.

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  • Looks very neat. My only quetsion though is whether or not it can play the older DS games or just ones made for the 3DS.

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