Video: Apple's Magic Trackpad disassembled, features no "magical unicorns"

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Like every good magician, Apple have been pretty cagey their tricks of the trade when it comes to the inner workings of their Magic Trackpad device. But that hasn’t stopped the plucky tinkerers at iFixit pulling the gadget apart and filiming it all for your vieiwng pleasure. Hit the video above to have a look.

Sadly, there’s very little magic involved it would appear.

“We didn’t find any magical unicorns inside, but we did uncover a plethora of components inside the Trackpad’s *very* thin profile,” said iFixit.

“Even though repairing the components might be infeasible, we’re still impressed by everything Apple’s engineers managed to stuff into the Trackpad.”

Using Broadcom chips similar to those found in the iPad and iPhone, iFixit found the mechanism for the button press most ingenious:

“The Magic Trackpad has a unique way of triggering the mouse button As you press down on the top surface of the pad, the two rubber feet near its front edge push on a plate attached to the chassis. The plate squeezes the electronic mouse button switch, producing the characteristic ‘click’.”

Via: iFixit

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